The Why

Salt Spray Soap Store


There is a distinct Bermuda magic in the deep blues of its surrounding oceans, oceans that turn temptingly inky in the evening (just right for a regenerative skinny dip).

Our modern settlement was founded in 1609 when a ship on its way from England to the “new world” found itself wrecked on our shores. A twist of fate that made it possible for us to enjoy sweet breezes and mimosas with our sunrise.

Salt Spray Soap Co. is where the wellness-boosting power of antioxidants meets penetrating moisture—add a dash of that aforementioned Bermuda magic and the resulting products are unlike anything else. 

Our goal is to share our love of all things natural with the rest of the world.

We have reinterpreted the BRIGHT, neon colours and subtle pastels into a bouquet of sweet-to-deep scents.

Remember us fondly any time you order a Pina Colada with your meal. Return often!