About Us

Salt Spray Soap Co Storefront

After leaving the island for adventure in the UK and higher education at Laurentian University, Ontario, I returned to Bermuda looking for a real, tangible way to contribute to the community. Experimenting with various combinations of natural ingredients for my hair and skin has been a big part of my adult life. I subscribe to a less-is-more philosophy and would readily buy a lump of Shea Butter before picking up mysterious drugstore lotion with "Shea" on the label. I’d rather  marinate in pure ingredients any day. 


Along my travels, missing the scents and sights of my home, I made my first batch of soap. And...I was hooked!


Now that I've returned home,  I’m sharing my love of all things natural with Bermuda...and the world. The bright-neon and subtle-pastel get their colours from a variety of beneficial clays and other skin-safe ingredients. The soaps are available in a variety of sweet to deep scents as well as an unscented option. 


After years in the store, I have met so many of you, and look forward to meeting many more. Welcome to my journey!

Genelle John
Salt Spray Soap Co.