Being Proactive with Antioxidants

January 28, 2020

Being Proactive with Antioxidants

Tourists wander in, three or four deep,  always one with a familiar, regretful grimace on their face: “Do you sell aloe?” “” I respond, “But it grows pretty wild here. In fact, There’s a pretty good sized bush right there.” I’m pointing at the planter across the narrow, cobble-stone road. It’s in the neighbouring store’s planter, but...(shrug). He has a skeptical look. “But” I continue, “I see this every day, and I promise you that what you need is to slather on some body butter. Just use the sampler and put some onto the redness and you’ll see.”


You apply body butter like lotion, but the difference is that lotion is made up of 75%, or more, water. Body butter has no water in it, so you’re getting the pure, raw ingredients. Shea butter, mango butter, avocado oil, extra virgin olive oil, and vitamin E. “I know that aloe is a popular go-to for sunburn, but try it…” and I wave toward a selection of scented and unscented butters.


I can not tell you how many times I’ve had this conversation,  though it feels like the first time every time. I have feelings of sympathy for the burn, but I also want everyone to be having an amazing vacation. No one wants to spend precious days with their clothes hurting.


Our Whipped Body Butter is an intensive combination of butters and oils that carry antioxidants to your skin. Some elements sink into the dermis to repair and some sit on top to protect without being sticky or  heavy.


If I had to guestimate: about 90% of people then grab at least one jar asking for further  instructions: “Ok, so you have some body butter on now and that’s perfect...but as soon as you get back to your room you’re going to shower and put more on; and in the morning you’ll apply more before your sunblock. Then tomorrow night, you’re going to shower off the sunscreen and apply more body butter.” “Repeat every day of your vacation...and kind of…forever.” 




My new friends leave and I’m just thrilled that they trusted me.  I have seen enough people come back the following day to let me know how much better they feel to know that we are on the right track.

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